Micro System Gas Chromatography
 Process, Laboratory, Mobile and ATEX Approved

INRAG AG offers innovative micro process gas chromatographs with its I-GRAPHX series. Whether stationary or mobile – the patented I-GRAPHX instruments are equipped with cutting-edge micro technology and offer high-performance gas chromatography with laboratory quality and low maintenance costs, compact dimensions and extremely short analysis times.

This gas chromatography series, available in various versions, is the perfect solution for the current process as well as laboratory and field applications. All I-GRAPHX instruments are based on a micro gas chromatography module with one column train (Standard) or two column trains (Pro). The I-GRAPHX series comprises a 19’’ rack version, stationary (mobile) instruments and ATEX certified GCs. Therefore, process monitoring in the Ex Zone 1 is also possible.

The core of the I-GRAPHX is a fully functional gas chromatography module (Standard and Pro) with integrated MEMS technology. All fluid and electronic components of the GC are integrated on a multilayer printed circuit board the size of a modern PDA. Thus achieving a quantum leap in miniaturisation, while drastically reducing energy and media consumption. The I-GRAPHX enables a previously unimaginable quick, mobile, simple, autarkic and efficient measurement and analysis of gases.

The I-GRAPHX is practically maintenance free due to its modular design. Integrated micro processor technology combined with sophisticated software enables parameterisation, calibration, data evaluation and data output via standard interfaces. This ensures the realisation of self-diagnosis, automated recalibration and self-validation functions.

I-GRAPHX Philosophy
Taking the analyzer to the sample and not vice versa

Why lose valuable time? Why take the risk of sample modification on the way to the laboratory? Taking the sample to the analysis instrument is a thing of the past.